Consistent damage at range and in melee


Which monk subclass besides way of the open hand is the strongest

Well you just described it as a smite and that seemed way aaa replica birkin bag over the top since a 2nd level paladin smites 3 times as hard as the 6th level kensei. But I also don see FoB as primarily damage. It nice, but it the riders that make it awesome. By then you should already have a +1 weapon at least. So you have to spend nearly 20% of your ki to improve upon it for one fight. hbags try these out hermes Actually at 11, +2 weapons are coming online for most players. That feature just gets worse with Hermes replica Accessories reviews time until it is almost completely obsolete.Actually so do kensei weapons. That is the foundational feature of the class and it becomes obsolete as the monks martial arts die progresses. At least swords do. I do like the stunning strike from a longbow.Obviously one can play a kensei monk and be birkin inspired replica handbags an asset to a team, and have fun and all of that, it just doesn seem very good to me. my site While you certainly can use them as melee fighters, being able to use a Longbow with all the offensive powers that Kensei provides lets you put out equal or better damage to a melee Kensei extremely orange birkin replica safely.between Stunning Fist and Agile Parry, the Kensei is much less vulnerable to being locked in melee than other Archer types. This is aided by the Monk generally excellent mobility there will almost never be a round where the Kensei can get into a decent position to make safe or effective attacks. Over the course of the life of the character it converges heavily toward that. At that point, you can get too psyched about that +1hp. You really have to look at averages if you are going to talk about DPR. The theoretical maxima are included in those average numbers. What it means is that the Kensei does not do a lot more damage. Remember, if you want that +2 AC you have to make sure at least one hit is with an unarmed strike.When you compare it to what an open hand monk can do it still just seems super lame. I just can get behind 1, 2, 3 hp per round more and lose what Open Hand can do in terms of proning (for yourself or allies), shoving, and no save reaction stealing. To say nothing about the extra HP Open Hand gets at 6, Quivering Palm for high level play, etc.As for the d6 each round, it the same thing. Spending a ki for 3.5 hp when you only have 6 is just lame. An open hand monk can spend that ki on a flurry that has the potential to stun, prone, shove and does more damage (1d6+dex). If it was a free thing like a paladin improved divine smite that would be one thing. But at the cost replica hermes bag of a precious ki, you just have better uses. We can extrapolate a characters theoretical average damage all we want, but in reality we don play in that realm. I make a case that the average damage of a d10 over a d8 is not insignificant, especially dealing in hypotheticals.Kensei not as good as Open Hand (and in this discussion since OP specifically said other than open hand I don think needs saying) and not as good of a fighter as, well, the fighter. Kensei fills the martial monk specialty, and in that regards I think it does it pretty well. Playing one for last 5 sessions at 11th level.Excellent switch hitter. Consistent damage at range and in melee, with increased hermes blanket replica AC and damage boosting options.Monk core is where its at. Kensei builds upon it to make a mobile, flexibile combatant. Run up trees, walls, rocks, shoot bows, kite, close and stun, dance in melee with boosted AC, drop AC and wail on target with boosted damage when they open. Pump crits to hit hbags replica hermes even harder.You do less damage than other monks. Even regular monk two hands a quarterstaff for a d8, but you strictly limited to your monk hit die.However: innate ranged damage, even just 30 feet, is so, so safe. Just think about how incredibly mobile the monk is, how easy it is to slide within five feet, do your damage, and sliiiide back out again. Now think about what how much easier it is to skate the edge of a birkin bag replica amazon 30 foot radius bubble.A Sun Soul is just impossible to pin down. Your damage is zero when you dead, and Sun Souls are really super good at not being dead.

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