It a toxic cultural mentality that you really need to break


Yes, apart from the Flying Spaghetti Monster, my other true belief is in the power of porn. Now there might be a few people who actually don’t enjoy porn. But then folks have been known to dislike QnA sexual health columns and even be allergic to water.

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You cannot argue they are world class when the people who stomped them, who are generally world class, also got god stomped. Even watching C9 v Afreeca live you can see how bad the overall quality was. Do not misunderstand, I am very proud of C9 for making semis.

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Gandhi, 26, a Los Angeles based musician and feminist, ran the London Marathon while on her period without using any hygiene products. Some 2 million women are affected worldwide. Surgery can help but is not always an option, since many of the women affected are poor.

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