Kings recovered to post 7/103 but Sindhis made light work of


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Do you even know what civil disobedience is? It more than politely protesting that just called protesting. Its where the people who are standing up and resisting are doing it with the full knowledge that what they doing is against the law, and that they will probably be persecuted for it, either with jail, or in a more fascist society, death. That what you have to be willing to put up with in order to actually influence change..

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Now I am changed, reborn through the energy of the Janus Key. Forever bound to the Void. Let it be known, if the Tenno want true salvation, they will lay down their arms, and wait for the baptism of my Janus key. As a bowler, you have to think that you can give any sixes or fours. With that in mind, you will get wickets, and that what I got today. Kings recovered to post 7/103 but Sindhis made light work of the chase.

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